Why pay on a dating site

Why would you pay for a subscription on a dating site when there are plenty of them offering you free memberships? This question has most certainly crossed your mind a couple of times. Of all the things worth investing in, finding your soulmate or someone to make you truly happy should be at the top of your priorities. Think that the feelings and time you choose to invest in this search will determine how your future will unfold. Sentimente is here to guide you through your journey.

Are you curious how the investment in a subscription helps you in the long run? Here are some answers to your question:

  • You will meet people to your taste

    We do everything possible so that you can communicate more easily and quickly find people who suit you. We are constantly developing the best quality services, using the latest technologies (video & audio calls, artificial intelligence, recommendations and compatibility rates, etc.), to make the site easier for you to use.

  • You will feel safe

    We want your experience on our site to be positive and to make you feel permanently safe. Audio & video communication without sharing your phone number, the possibility of blocking users who bother you, inappropriate language and photo detection systems are just a few examples of security features that lead to high quality standards.

  • Everything is about you

    We take care of you because our success begins with yours. Thus, we offer you a dynamic page that changes its appearance depending on the members you interact with. Not only is it unique from user to user, but it changes, permanently, depending on your actions on the site.

  • You benefit from customer support assistance

    A dedicated support team is there for you when you need help. Our Customer Support Team will reply to your questions and concerns constantly, as soon as humanly possible.

  • Dating tips and intelligent articles

    We offer you counseling and dating advice through personalized articles about love and relationships which take into account the information you fill in your profile. This service is unique in the world. If you don't believe us, test it!

  • We guarantee professionalism

    Thanks to your investments, but also to a whole team of dedicated people, we have managed to thrive on the worldwide online dating market for more than 19 years. Our popularity extends beyond borders.

  • You’re looking for a serious relationship

    As a popular saying goes, "everything is paid for, nothing is free", when you pay for something, then you understand its value and quality. Studies show that paying for online dating sites is a proof of seriousness. People willing to pay a subscription are more likely to engage in a serious relationship. We noticed the same thing on Sentimente, where paying users are much more active on the site.

It may be hard to believe, but all the benefits listed above cost less than a night out for two. So, the answer to your question is simple: you invest in your future and we invest in bringing you closer to your soulmate.

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